Facebook Business Page: How to Create 2020

Facebook released some ironic option with the Facebook business page. And right now the Facebook page is a trending topic. So don’t worry. If you read this blog at that time you can easily create any kind of Facebook business page through your android phone. If you have a computer, then you can. So I discuss creating with the computer today. I’ll describe to you how can you create the Facebook page with your Android phone.


So, Let’s Just Start.

1.Download Facebook App


So, first of all, you will have to download the Facebook app, and let’s open it. And after that here, you can see the three-dot line. So just click on it. You will find one kind of option. here you will find the page option. So just click on it. And, after that you can see the “create page”, right? so just click on it. And then click on the “get started” option and then you’ll have to choose one kind of name for your page.so do it.

Actually, You’ll now have the opportunity to choose your page name. Your page name should ideally be your business name.


2.Select Category


Just click on the text option. And there is some category so you will have to choose the category. If you are a businessman, You can choose the promoter of business, otherwise grow my audience get customers, Just for fun and none of the goals with Community. You can choose anything.

So, if you want to create a tech-related base the time you can choose the computer company or personal blog. local business anything you want to choose.so choose the personal blog after that click on the next option and you can also add your website link to your page. But if you don’t have any website that time you can click on the next option and page with profile picture show up her answers and so you will have to choose a page profile picture. After that just click on the next option.


3. Add Profile picture


You will have to choose the cover photo and profile picture that in your page will be more available for people. So, after that click on the page option and here you can see your page has already been created, so there is some other work.


 Click on it and you can choose the category. If you are a shopkeeper at that time you can choose the shop in our book now, or you can choose the “Call Now” or “Contact Us”.”Send Message”.”Email” everything.After that click on the make option.you can pick anything.After that click on the create option.you can choose anything.

5. Add ICON

Click on “Page Icon” and here you can see the edit page. Just click on the edit page and you will have to change something. So here you can see basic info. Just click on it and there are lots of things you can change. I mean you can keep contact number location Opening hour and closing hour and more and here is some Website leaving add a description so you can give your description from here and after giving a click on the Save Icon. So, let’s get back again. And now go to the setting of shown and there is lots of thing for making changes and there are general option messaging option. You can reply message from your page role and let’s go to the general option and there are actually lots of things you please check by yourself.


So, by this process, you can create any kind of page through an android phone. 


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